Hazard County - Gross Reservoir

Hazard County is a jumbled garden of car-size granite blocks below a small SW facing cliff band high above DamNation at 7500 feet elevation. With a unique blend of bad landings, drop off tunnels and dirty rock, Hazard County is not for the faint of heart. The problems tend to be technical, hard and dirty. And become highball real quick on big holds.
Getting There:
Drive up FlagStaff Road for 8.7 miles. Turn left onto SH 72 (Gross Dam Road). Drive .8 miles, park in a tiny area on the right side at an S-shaped curve. Hike up behind a small white Open Space sign to the west and trend right about 250 feet and then trend left towards a gap in the trees. Cairns should appear and leads right along the base of a short cliff band to the west. The Boar's Nest is the first rock you'll come across. Crazy Cooter is down a ramp to the west. Daisy Duke is below Cooter 20 feet to the south

Adam in the parking area at the S-shaped curve
Adam F. at the parking area
Ryan Fields sends F.A. of General Lee V6
Ryan Fields sends General Lee V6

overview of the area. click to view
The Climbing
The climbing varies from brilliant series of perfect pockets to dirty and brittle highballs and currently has only about only 20 problems. So far the area hasn't seen much traffic. The landings tend to be terrible and convoluted but they pad up well with at least 5 pads. The problems are high enough to be committing and interesting. It's not Horsetooth, it's not even DamNation. But it makes for a good day of necky bouldering in a serious setting.

Hazard County topo
Route Descriptions:
1. The Shield V5:
2. Thankless V4: * Follow pockets to      end. Top out.
3. What About Waylon V2:
4. Waylon Jennings Arete V3: * (R)
5. 2-3 short problems V2-V4:
6. Crazy Cooter V2: *
7. Boars Nest V5: * sds (R)
8. Daisy Duke V6: * sds
9. Frodgulation V8: Start both hands in     crack. Go right.
10. Head And Shoulder V6:
11. Boss Hog V6?:
12. Project Wall:
13. Scott's Dyno V3: * Without pads!! (X)
14. General Lee V6: * Start in grotto.      Straight out, following arete.
15. Rosco Roof V?: Right of #14.

Scott Rennak sends Crazy Cooter V2
Scott R. sends Crazy Cooter V2Scott Rennak on General Lee V6
Scott Rennak on General Lee V6
First discovered by Kevin Murphy and Ryan Fields, Hazard County is not an area for beginners!! Also, it's not dog-friendly at all. So leave Scruffy at home. Hazard County isn't very inspiring if you don't like using a lot of pads or many spotters and can fall in control. The hike in is short, but the rocks are almost too close to Gross Reservoir spillway, so keep a low profile. As Scott Rennak says, 'he could climb here forever... although make sure you bring no less than 5 pads and plenty of spotters.'
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