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The Upper Satellites aka the Rocky Balboas

 These days the Satellite Boulders sees a lot of traffic. There are several good problems in the area, most of which are located at the top of the talus, between the back of the 2nd. and 3rd. Flatirons. Boulderers are highly visible here. Please be respectful to the hikers, flora and fauna so not to jeopardize our access to the beautiful, historic area.

Getting There:
 From Chautauqua Park hike up the dirt service Third Flatiron, 2nd. and 1st Flatironsroad
(south) to the Bluebell Shelter. Take the 3rd. and 2nd. Flatirons access trail. This trail cuts right through the Lower Satellite Boulders.  To reach the Upper Satellites continue up the trail as if going to the back of the 3rd. Flatiron. Once out of the trees (into the talus field) look  for bigger boulders off the trail to the right towards the 2nd. Flatiron. The pinnacle that is Bill's Clinton (#1) is one of the first problems you'll find. From here head up towards the back of the 2nd. Flatiron to find the others. Enjoy!
Upper Satellites
The Problems:
1. Bill's Clinton V2.
The tall N. facing vertical face, with yellow lichen. Bad landing.
2. Pebbled-Pockets V4. Sit start. east-facing.
3. Traverse L-R V2. Crack-like roof thingy.
4. John Glen Memorial Problem V7. Sit-start on crimps w/ feet under roof. Pull past slopers and all the way up the slab!
5. Probe V6. Sit-start with bad foot holds. Pull past sloping ledge and up!
6. The Long Finish V6. High, bad landing. Finish on horn way up. Ghetto-like features.
7. The Schmoopy V4. Start down on big shelf. Pull flakes up and slightly left to good hold. Descend by jumping to rock. Ghetto-like features.
8. Warm-Up Arete V1. On big rock w/ much potential.
8a. Proj.
8b. Boom V7. ***
9. Go V1. Left side of slab. Top out by straddling rock.
10. Yo Adrian! V4. Start low, move left around corner and straight up to shelf.
11. Double Arete V2. north-facing.
11a. Thumpin Pumpkin V4. Sit Start.
12. PeeBee Slab V4. Thin southeast-facing tall slab.
13. Left V5. Standing Start, Dicey Topout!
14. Right V6. Sit Start.
15. Traverse R. To L. V7. Go R to L and topout left.

BBC Block. Home of the Flesh Fest V10

An ascent worth note in the Main Satellites.
13. Flesh Fest V10. East-facing blunt arete
of the BBC Boulder. Start low. Move past
heinous crimp and straight up. Herm
Pfeisner neglected to rate this beautiful
problem. Second ascentist Pete Zoller
declined to rate the problem as well but
described it as, "the best boulder problem
in the state."


Miah on Flesh Fest V10, BBC Block


Pros: Easy approach up 3rd Flatiron Trail.
Low problems with good landings, idyllic
setting in pine forest. A couple of very
hard test pieces to cut your teeth on.

Cons: Limited amount of bouldering unless
you visit the Gutter and the Compound.

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