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What we're all about

Although this is not a new site anymore and we certainly don't have every bouldering area in the Front Range up here, we intend to keep growing and continue being the definitive source of bouldering information for the Front Range boulderer.

The crew here at FRB is an eclectic hodgepodge of avid boulderers in Boulder, Colorado. As locals we're most interested in finding new boulders and putting up first ascents, but we know that new rock is finite. And as such we've created this site as a community service so that all Front Range boulderers and everyone else can have access to the latest beta.

Many of the areas we feature are hard to get to or off the beaten path, but that's what makes for good bouldering: silence, atmosphere, and the freedom to try as hard as you want. Please respect the natural beauty of Colorado's Front Range when you visit these areas and remember that a low-impact philosophy is more likely to keep these areas open than a high-impact one. And please respect all seasonal closures.

Keep checking back in with us. The site is archival and we'll be filling it up with as many worthy bouldering problems and areas as possible. Along those lines we welcome you to submit an area and problems of your own, whether it be new, new boulders at an old area, or just the same old shit up on Flagstaff or Sanitas. We've expanded into other formats besides photos, topos and maps, we now offer climbing and bouldering videos, podcasts on almost every topic under the sun and of course our always informative and amusing FRB Message Board. So check back in from time to time for the latest and greatest at FrontRangeBouldering.com!

      Before you venture out to the boulders described
            at this site, please read our


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